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Last few weeks have been crazy,
spent a week of 14 hour days recording a 13 song album with my band Good Luck that I'm extremely proud of.  I think it's the best thing I've ever done.

Then as soon as we were finished Matt flew to L.A. to do this:

They all have their eyes closed, probably scared shitless.

Which is perfrom at the Independent Spirit Movie awards with my other buddies Paul Baribeau and Kimya in front of Angelina Jolie and and shit.  That's a still shot from tv. All because of Juno and all that.
I stayed here, so tonight I went to the Sex Workers Art show which made me laugh and feel really good about my body and people I know.
Then went out for drinks with them and Clyde and Michael Hoerger and other people I don't normally drink with (I don't really drink anyway) and it all just felt right.
I miss Matt after being used to hanging out with him constantly for the last 2 months working on this album, but it's good to be apart.  I have to get acclimated to a normal social life again.

Oh and the next episode of my tv show is online:Kirkwood Sunday Mornings video

It feels so good to be this productive, even if none of it pays the bills.  Back to Framemakers tomorrow.


When is the Good Luck album going to be released?
i am also wondering this.


good looking dudes.
sweet news about the album. i'm looking forward to hearing it.



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December 2008

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