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Tour Dates

Good Luck is on tour.  Since I never think to update here, but probably should, I'm belatedly posting tour dates for the tour that I'm already part way through.  It's the first tour I've been on in quite a long time, but probably not my last this year.  I think I will be back to my more transient lifestyle for a while.  I have loved being stable in Bloomington but missed everything that is good about not being stable. 

5.17.08     Cleveland, MS @ Po' Monkeys
5.18.08     New Orleans, LA @ Dragon’s Den, 435 Esplanade Ave.
5.19.08     Pensacola, FL @ Sluggo’s, Cervantes Ave.
5.20.08     Tallahassee, FL
5.21.08     Gainesville, FL @ TBA
5.22.08     Tampa, FL @ Transitions Art Gallery - Skatepark of Tampa,  4215 East Columbus Drive
5.23.08     St. Augustine, FL @ TBA
5.24.08     Charleston, SC @ TBA
5.25.08     Athens, GA @ TBA w/ Daffadil
5.26.08     Atlanta, GA @ 141 Moreland Ave. w/ Hot New Mexicans
5.27.08    Greensboro, NC @ Square One,  1400 Glenwood Ave., with Invisible + one more TBA
5.28.08    Richmond, VA @ Rumors Boutique,  404 N. Harrison St., w/ Nana Grizol
5.29.08     Washington, DC @ The Bobby Fisher Memorial Building, 1644 North Capital St. NW,  w/ Nana Grizol
5.30.08     Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Space, 1729 Maryland Ave.
5.31.08     Philadelphia, PA @ TBA
6.01.08     New York City, NY @ Brooklyn Cat House w/ Ach(ten), Halo Fauna
6.02.08     Long Island, NY @ TBA w/ Halo Fauna
6.03.08     Providence, RI @ TBA
6.04.08     Portland, ME @    Bike Barn
6.05.08     Worcester, MA @ Collective A Go-Go
6.06.08     Buffalo, NY @ 29 Custer St. w/ Halo Fauna
6.07.08     Pittsburgh, PA @ TBA
6.08.08     Lexington, KY - Crucial Fun Fest! @ Northside YMCA, 381 W. Louden, w/ Delay and many others
6.09.08     Columbus, OH @ Monster House,  115 W. 10th Ave.
6.10.08     Detroit, MI @ The Trumbullplex
6.11.08     Lansing, MI @ Mac’s Bar,  2700 E. Michigan Ave

Tour is great, Matt and Mike are lovely babies and I'm glad that people finally get to hear the cd we spent so much time on. 

Went tubing down a river and snorkeling in a crystal clear spring where you could see down to the bottom of a 40 foot cave.  Played some good shows and some mediocre ones but overall life is easy. 


You cats should come to Louisville.
Seriously though.
If you ever do I know a venue or 2.
they play in louisville a lot cause mike is from there. you should check their myspace for those show cause they're more regular. http://www.myspace.com/wearegoodluck

how's it going? what are you up to in louisville?

December 2008

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