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I decided I'm going to start writing here again at some point after a long livejournal conversation Paul B. and I had a few nights ago.  I also realized I need some format to exercise my writing muscle.  Even if it is just a perfunctory rundown of the events of my life, it's better for my declining writing skills to at least put up some fight as they wane.

So, I'm on tour again with my band Good Luck and my friend Paul Baribeau.  We are going to the west coast.  I have a sinking scary feeling every time I try to travel this way that it is going to go disasterously wrong because it mostly has before.  The first time I went I was in some kind of love sick daze that prevented me from fully enjoying half the of the things I saw.  The second time I went it was in the middle of a financially irresponsible tour that ended in a $2000 bill in the sonoran desert and a 24 hour straight drive home.  I have hope.  I have the ability to hold out hope this time.  Still, Matt is both sick and homesick.  There are other issues.  The pocketbook is safe this time but the heart and the mind never are you know?  You have to tell yourself, this is all pretty dramatic for a silly old rock tour.  I am still so lucky and should be so thankful.  But no matter who you are or how lucky you are in life, something's always gonna bring you down.

Today we stopped in Sedona, AZ, the startlingly beautiful tourist trap surrounded by great red rock cliffs.  It is high desert country.  Clear and dry and hot and strange.  There are a multitude of crystal-chakra stores and homemade fudge stands.   Then we came to Flagstaff, which looks almost like the Pacific Northwest.  It's chilly and green here.  Just like Ashville or Eureka, which have similar weather and geography, it seems to be populated by the wildest adventure hippie punks.  Now Albuquerque.  There's the one for me.  It seems like the kind of place that a person would go in the 19th century to recover from some chronic illness.  Pure and dry and bright and beautiful.  Anyone want to rent me a room there for a few months?  I'm checking craigslist.

That's about all for tour.  I'm still reeling from finishing the the Twilight Series books.  As I've said to many many people, I don't think they are particularly well written, and the storyline falls mostly into pretty disgusting teenage girl wish fufillment, but I must say I loved them.  I truely enjoyed every minute reading them.  I was not challenged or educated or anything like that but I was completely immersed in the eternal love between some vampires in Forks, WA.  Pop Art, what can I say?  I too am affected by the lowest common denominator.  Chalk me up as human.  I love sunsets too.


I'm glad you're writing on here again.

You guys should come play here in Nashvegas.


Wait! Me saying "You should update your livejournal" four days ago didn't make you want to update? I feel unimportant.

Re: towels?

yes, you're right. You were in the "Bringing livejournal back" conversation. Sorry to disinclude.
Hey it's good to see you are still out here rockin down the highway. I read your entry every time.

December 2008

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