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Twilight Movie Review. Inside, I still want to be a teen.

All reviews of Twilight must be divided into two camps: those written by fans of the books, and those that aren't.  I'll say up front that while I found the books extremely flawed at parts and recognize their appeal for only a very very small audience, I did enjoy myself immensely while reading them.  This is a pretty good adaptation of the book and a so-so stand alone movie.  Critics fault it for being bloodless and sexually repressed, but that's the crux of Stephanie Meyer's  series right there: 1000s of pages of sexual frustration.  To be sure there were awkward moments that even the midnight-showing-twilight-loving audience I was in still laughed at: when Edward the vampire first smells Bella his look of supposed hate and pain actually looks more like he's going to vomit, and later the vampire baseball scene, which was silly and unnecessary in the book, becomes the worst kind of camp on screen.  Director Hardwick goes WAY overboard with MTV style aesthetics that sometimes made me think I was watching a My Chemical Romance music video.  But they did well in casting their two leads.  Kristen Stewart plays Bella with a muttering teenage self consciousness that reminded me so much of real teens I've known.  Robert Pattinson had impossible shoes to fill for the fans as Edward, the vampire who is both obsessively in love and menacing, the self loathing hero who must look as if he's going to eat Bella while simultaneously conducting himself like a 18th century puritan.  But when it comes down to the heart of the story, believing that the two main characters are really so attracted to each other that they'd risk everything to be together, the actors do such an entrancing job smoldering at each other that I admit, I believe.  It never was really about the vampire bits anyway.


thumbs up, this is what i would imagine the movie would be like.

oh bella baby

I'm going to see the movie tomorrow. I can't wait. All the 7th graders at school yesterday said it was really good.

December 2008

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